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Submitted by Louisa Daley on 7 April 2021 DRPG has announced its recent audit for ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 20121 (event sustainability) certifications have met all standards. With the decision to refresh its sustainability management system in 2020, DRPG’s practices were reviewed by an external ISO certification auditor. The certification was to be achieved by the DRPG team planting 40 trees, using renewable energy to run our HQ through solar panels and revealing 40 targeted CSR projects to complete in 2020. With the unveiling of its new renewable energy initiative towards becoming a carbon-neutral company. The audit set out to confirm that DRPG had been abiding by the government demands and meeting the requirements of the certified standards. The external auditors looked into all areas of sustainability, from CSR activations, to project sustainability. They also ensured that DRPG was carrying out internal audits and management reviews. They confirmed that systems were effective at managing sustainability and the company's environmental impact. The recent 2021 surveillance audit conveyed that DRPG has continued to exceed CSR expectations despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and have ideas to develop for the rest of the year and long-term. Andrew Davies, integrity manager, DRPG, commented: “Yet another great achievement for DRPG. We are pleased to announce that we have successfully passed our second surveillance audit to ISO 20121 and ISO 14001, the event sustainability, and environmental standards with a brilliant audit outcome. DRPG team members continue to implement the commitments made in our CSR charter, driving sustainability and CSR related team initiatives across the group.” Rick Packer, associates senior project consultant, Syntiro, added: “The recent audit of DRPG’s sustainability management system demonstrated that the group has far exceeded the basic requirements of the international standards ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 20121 (event sustainability). Most impressive was the commitment of leadership and all staff to implement sustainability objectives in an extremely difficult operational environment when resources were being challenged. “Not only did the group continue to work towards the commitments and objectives identified in their excellent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) charter, but an outstanding level of aptitude and ability was shown in their response to the global pandemic and the support of all staff and clients. This led to the development of opportunities allowing staff to be ‘hands-on’, which increased wellbeing and enhanced the quality and delivery of digital services exceeding client requirements.” Dale Parmenter, CEO, DRPG, said: “Throughout this journey, the team have been on board, each year creating objectives to reduce waste, resource better or be involved in one of the hundreds of community projects we have delivered. It is all about ‘small actions make a big difference.”

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The Yankees’ star Gerrit Cole working off a mound with a league-approved Black Lives Matter logo. After Jacob Blake, a Black man, was left paralyzed by the police in Kenosha, Wis., the Milwaukee Bucks refused to take part in a playoff game in August in Orlando, Fla. Within hours, dozens of other teams in other leagues had joined the work stoppage . Within days, the basketball players emerged from a meeting with N.B.A. officials with new commitments that it would join their fight against social injustice. Some players went beyond causes to overtly political acts like campaigning for specific candidates. In the W.N.B.A., players on the Atlanta Dream became so infuriated by the statements by the team’s co-owner, the Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, about the Black Lives Matter movement that they actively campaigned for her opponent, Dr. Raphael G. Warnock, wearing T-shirts with his name onto the court. Loeffler lost the election, sweeping not just her opponent but also another Democrat running in the state to victory. The two victories gave Democrats, under President Biden, control of the nation’s legislative agenda, and the momentum to push for some of the progressive causes the players held dear. There were many factors, though, that made M.L.B .’s action on Friday unique. While major league club owners are no different than their counterparts in professional basketball or football in being a largely Republican donor set, the demographics on the field are starkly different. The sport’s fan base is older and less racially diverse than basketball’s and football’s. The majority of major league players are white, and many trend conservative in their personal politics. (Roughly 30 percent of M.L.B. players are Latino, most of them from outside the United States; only 8 percent are Black.) The Yankees’ star Gerrit Cole working off a mound with a league-approved Black Lives Matter logo.Credit...Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports, via Reuters Frustrated by the sense that they are invisible in their sport, some Black players grumbled when M.L.B. took more than a week to address the killing of Mr.